– If we you need precise movements at high speed, our Motion Control system is exact the right tool –

We teamed up with TMT Film & Produktionsservice GmbH to offer you a Motion Control system for precise highspeed work – of course it´s also possible to move it in slow-motion, if you aren´t shooting highspeed. The system is located in Munich at the studios of TMT, but can be moved to nearly all locations. The arm is the same as the known ´Bolt´- but we use another software. We can also offer complete packages for shooting, which do not only contain the MoCo system but also camera support (with or without highspeed of course), studio, light, SFX and crew. Just give us a ring…


> Radius of movement: 1,90m / 6,2 ft
> max. length of movement*: 3,60m / 11,8ft
> max. speed*: 12,3m/s / 40,3ft/s
> max. payload: 14,0kg
> weight (arm): 250kg
> weight (base): 750kg
> power requirement: 16A three-phase current
> Portable system: Yes
> Possible cameras: ARRI Alexa/Mini, RED DSMC2, Phantom Flex4K, DSLR, and many other
> Lens Control: Focus, Iris, Zoom
> 3D Data for PostPro: Yes (.fbx)

*Depending on the move/active axis



If you have any questions just give us a call – we´re happy to support you. For any inquiries about the MoCo system, you can also contact our partner TMT directly under +49 (89) 747 08 80 or info@tmt-muc.de