They’re both technically braided ropes; however the rope on the right seems to have a denser kind of braid, which means it doesn’t have the same issue with the knots compacting down as hard as the stuff from the 1-8 dollar shop. So, interesting learning from that one; denser braid makes for less difficult knots. Relatively easy to unpick. Cons:. Price: Good jute tends to be fairly pricey. Next we have a polypropylene webbing. Polypropylene with core intactPolypropylene Webbing (core removed). But what I like really isn’t that important. Different people will have different priorities. The knots made by this rope compact down quite small; however, it tends to remain relatively easy to unpick. Again, this is related to the lack of friction.

It has this really interesting feature; with the core removed, it actually sits quite flat on the skin, which is why I refer to it as webbing. This has multiple advantages; it spreads any pressure from the tie over a wider surface, and it doesn’t catch on things when you’re rolling around, struggling, what have you. Price: Good jute tends to be fairly pricey. I got my first set of five millimeter jute from Jade Rope (fairly large set, about 80 metres) for about $113.00 Australian dollars before shipping. Pro: Perfectly fine for most types of bondage (other than suspension). Pro: Nylon and MFP takes dye very well, resulting in brilliant color.

It’s not dyeable; you’re stuck with the colour you buy. The combination of the lack of weight and the lack of friction means it’s going to slide a bit over skin. Nylon is nicely smooth and comfortable as well, but it has very low tooth, so you need to use surgeon’s knots instead of square knots and any half-hitch style knot should be done three times instead of two. (If you don’t, your partner may be able to manipulate the tie and wriggle out, and rope bottoms kind of hate that. I’m not actually a dick like that. I realize that what I just wrote may be true, but it’s not actually useful. Pros:. Has really excellent tooth; you can feel quite certain that your hitches etc will do the job to hold things in place.

Cons:. As synthetic ropes go, it’s a bit pricey. Again, it comes in different colours. I like green and silver, other people may prefer red and silver, or may be able to shop around online to find a solid colour braid. But what I like really isn’t that important. Different people will have different priorities.

Summary:. If you’re looking for good restraint bondage rope and enjoy using knots, this is probably what you should go for. Let’s face it, sometimes the Internet is just more convenient. Next we have a polypropylene webbing. It is possible to dye it. It’s reasonably light, and you can carry a lot of it around with you if you like using lots of rope. There are very popular ropes – but it’s really up to you to make up your own mind. There. Likely to get quite compact knots with it. Very washable.